A dynamometer is a tool used to measure Horsepower, Torque, and more importantly, Air / Fuel Ratio (lambda) - to see if the bike is burning the correct amount of fuel. Not enough or too much fuel can cause power loss, drivability issues, and poor fuel economy. To properly tune an engine it must be under a load. (Fuel burns differently under a load).

A motorcycle should run great at all speeds.

** Carburetors depending on brand & type have between 3 and 6 fuel circuits.
**A fuel injection (VE) table can have 150 to 200 fuel cells to tune under a load. That is why a “dyno” is needed for a successful tune.

AIR / FUEL RATIO is measured with an Oxygen (02) Sensor in the exhaust system. The amount of burnt fuel is measured. That helps us Tune the Air & Fuel Mixture so your motorcycle runs & drives correctly and efficiently.

TORQUE is force with rotation – in reality torque is what makes your bike go down the road. That is what you feel when you do a throttle roll on (i.e. high gear).

HORSEPOWER We measure Rear Wheel H.P. - what’s actually put on the road. This is what you feel at the upper RPM range (hard acceleration).